Fia Cielen graduated at the HISK in 2008. Ever since she has been exhibiting her works in Belgium and abroad. Her work consists of drawings, video-works, installations and sculptures. The artist has a true feeling for the absurd setting and a dark sense of humour in her work, often countered by an eerie, almost sinister atmosphere. Her work can be regarded as a Wunderkammer, a hybrid oeuvre that raises questions about the uncanny nature of everyday things, transgression and metamorphosis. Her latest works are inspired by science fiction and the monstrous. Monsters exceed boundaries, reconfigure forms and are always horrible and wonderful. They exist as a state of becoming, rather than as a false marker of fixity. In this way, works which can use this form as both image and process participate in embodied theory, the corporeality of knowledge and the promises of monsters for the articulation of identities outside the norm.